A hot area in labor and employment law concerns employer social media rules and discipline of employees based on their use of social media during nonwork time. Thanks to the explosion in the use of i-Phone, i-Pad, blogs, tweets and twitters, online communications have replaced the water cooler as the forum for employee rants about work.

“Social media in the workplace is by far the hottest issue in human resources in 30 years,” he said. “What’s even more intriguing is that the courts’ view of the balance between the rights of the employer versus one’s right to privacy is unclear, making this an issue that bears close scrutiny in the coming years. Our survey shows that many employers are starting to take notice, albeit with little clear understanding of how to proceed.”Read more:

“Enterprise social networking tools heighten business collaboration, but they also introduce new risks and challenges.  In the absence of an aggressive, risk-based approach to HR and compliance regulations, business social networking tools whether private or public-could put your enterprise in jeopardy.

“Compliance tools for HR professionals”  This website is solely for human resources professional and covers all topics that affect the industry.  This specific link is regarding social media in the workplace.

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